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Contactless Grocery List

Please send us an email corwithsfarmstand@gmail.com with desired quantities of each item. Contactless deliveries and pick ups will be on Tuesdays so orders must be placed by Monday at 3PM. Saturday deliveries and pick up orders must be placed by Friday at 3PM. Sunday deliveries and pick up orders must be placed by Saturday at 6PM. Please be conscious of the amount of items you choose as we are trying to be fair to everyone in our community. The list below is currently the only items we have available at the moment. If it is not on our list we do NOT have it. Beware that some items are not grown on our farm so they may become out of stock since we will be filling many orders for delivery and pick up. We are doing the best we can to provide our community in this time of need as our farming season is not currently in full swing. Our farmstand is currenlty only ran by two people so please be patient with delivery time as we normally start in East Hampton and make our way back West. Thank you all again.

Homemade Pies

  • Frozen Apple Crumb - $18 each - can be baked at 325 degrees for 35-45 minutes

Homemade Cookie Dough

  • Peanut Butter - 5 for $7

    • Dough can be cooked at 325 for 8-10 minutes

Fruits & Veggies

  • Strawberries - $5 per pint

  • Blueberries - $6 per pint

  • Bananas - $1 each

  • Broccoli -- $6 each

  • Brussel Sprouts - $10 per quart

  • Corwith Farms White Potatoes - $1 per lb

  • Romaine Lettuce Head - $4 each

  • Pineapple - $7 each


  • Farm Fresh Eggs - $8 per dozen

  • Butter - $2 per stick

  • Fresh Mozzarella Cheese - $10 each


  • Chicken Cutlet (unbreaded and unseasoned) by the lb - $6 per lb

  • Ground Beef - 4 patties in 1 pack - $12 per pack

  • Short Rib Burgers - 4 patties in 1 pack - $15 per pack


  • Garlic Bread Loaf - $8 each

  • Multigrain Loaf - $8 each

  • French Baguette Loaf - $5 each

Fresh Seafood

from Local Fisherman when available

Please place your orders by emailing corwithsfarmstand@gmail.com with specific quantities of each item.